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Make the real estate market liquid and accessible to all.

Buy an NFT, become a landowner - Buy $CKZ, become a multi-landowner

Presale End :

"Blockchain solves the problems of the real estate market by making it more liquid, without legal constraints, and it is accessible to all."


Buy an NFT, become a landowner

Our company buys property following the laws of the local country. The property is then divided into 100 NFTs where the owners can easily exchange their title. Every month, the income is distributed among the NFT owners, directly to wallets that hold the NFTs. As soon as an NFT is sold, the annuity is paid directly to the new wallet.

  • 1 NFT = 1% of the property
  • You can buy one or more NFTs for each property and sell them whenever you want
  • Your income is paid every month on the wallet, which holds the NFT

$CKZ Token

Buy $CKZ, become a multi-landowner

By investing in $CKZ, you do not invest in a particular property but in all future properties, by becoming a shareholder of CryptoKeez.
Our token has many uses from a financial point of view as well as a decisional one.

  • Revenue sharing: 50% of profits are shared with CKZ$ holders
  • Priority on NFT purchase: Some sales will be open several hours before only to $CRZ holders
  • Special sales: Some sales will only be accessible to token holders
  • Governance: The choice of some new properties will be submitted to a community vote. In addition, certain strategic decisions will also be submitted to a vote.


Our missions

Make the real estate market more liquid

You want to sell your property? Nothing could be simpler. You can sell your NFT as soon as you want. No need to wait weeks or months to get your money. The blockchain makes it instantaneous.

Make the real estate market accessible to all

We divide the price of each property by 100 NFTs, worth one hundredth of the price. The properties we offer range from several millions to less than 100K$, so you can invest from a thousand dollars.

Allow you to invest all over the world

You have easy access to the real estate market of your country, but it is not necessarily the one that offers the best profitability. Thanks to CryptoKeez, you can invest anywhere in the world.

No administrative tasks

Our company takes care of everything and complies with local laws to offer you the goods.

Instant owner

By buying an NFT, you instantly own a part of the property, and you will then collect the annuity just as quickly.

Real economy

Your income is linked to the real economy. If there is a drop in cryptos, it does not impact your income. You secure part of your investment.


Your next properties

Profitability : 14.3%

Fortaleza (Ceará), Brasil
67 sqm ocean front apartment. Swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, squash court...

Profitability : 11.2%

Cyclades (FOLEGANDROS), Greece
Luxury Villa: 170 sqm with stunning panoramic sea views

Profitability : 12.3%

Madrid, Spain
Heart of city center: 58 sqm close to the Plaza Mayor.


Real Estate Market

Global real estate value

326 500 trillion

"The world’s most significant store of wealth
and more valuable than all global equities
and debt securities combined"

- Savills PLC 🔗

Road Map

Road Map

Q4 2021
⃤   Presale
⃤   Pancakeswap launch
⃤   1st properties and NFTs available on Opensea
⃤   Dappradar listing
⃤   CMC listing
⃤   Coingecko listing
Q1 2022
⃤   Fundraising to increase our growth
⃤   Creation of a platform to track your investments and revenues
⃤   CEX listing
Q2 2022
⃤   Development of our own platform for the purchase and resale of NFTs (some new sales will then only be payable in $CKZ)
⃤   Partnership with top players in the real estate market
Q3 2022
⃤   20th properties purchased and diversification (offices, hotels and new advantages for $CKZ holders)
⃤   Creation of a marketplace where everyone can sell his own property in $CKZ
Q4 2022
⃤   Governance
⃤   Implementation of payment by credit card directly to reach more people


How It Works


We buy the property and we rent it out.


We divide the property into 100 NFTs.


We pay the annuity directly on the wallet holder of each NFT in stable coin on the 1st of each month at 12h UTC.

Real estate capital gain

You want to sell your share ? You can sell it on the liquid market easily and enjoy your capital gain.



  • Symbol: CKZ
  • Contract address: 0x81a54b658d863415432fafeba8d05c79084f01c4
  • Total Supply
Presale price 1 BNB = 500,000 $CKZ
Listing price 1 BNB = 475,000 $CKZ
  • 6% transaction fee(No transaction fee on presale)
  • Holders: 3%
  • Marketing: 2%
  • Liquidity: 1%
Buy Tokens
  • 20% Presale (200.000.000)
  • 12% Liquidities (120.000.000)
  • 40% Development and marketing (400.000.000)
  • 20% Team (200.000.000)
  • 8% Advisors (80.000.000)

Token utility


50% of CryptoKeez profits are shared with CKZ$ holders

Priority on NFT purchase

Some sales will be open earlier only to $CRZ holders

Special Sales

Some sales will only be accessible to $CKZ holders


All $CKZ holders are rewarded in $CKZ on every trade (3%).


Our Team

CEO & Co-Founder
Real estate expert & Co-Founder


Frequency Asked Questions

  • How do I earn rewards?

    $CKZ is a deflationnary token, on every trade 3% is redistributed back to token holders. But, more important, we share 50% of our company revenues to all $CKZ holders. This means that by holding $CKZ you invest in all properties we own.

  • What is the $CKZ utility?

    As mentionned above, by holding $CKZ, you will receive a part of CryptoKeez revenues. Moreover, you will have privileged access to some sales, and others will be proposed only to $CKZ holders.
    We will implement the governance for $CKZ holders. Many nice surprises are coming.

  • How are the properties selected?

    With 25 years of experience in the real estate market, William and his team have established specific target criteria to pick properties with the highest returns on investment.
    Concretely, we first target growing tourist destinations (Greece, Spain, Caribbean coast...) and economic hubs (Frankfurt, London, Sao Paulo...).
    Our experts select properties in reliable areas with high profitability. In the near future, $CKZ holders will have the right to vote to select properties.

  • Who can invest?

    Everyone is allowed to invest in $CKZ or in our NFTs. No KYC is required.

  • How much do I need to invest?

    For the presale, it starts from 0.1 BNB (2 BNB maximum), but after the Pancakeswap launch, there will be no minimum nor maxium :)

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